First blog post

It’s been years since I took this homesteading thing serious enough to blog about it. Sometimes like my house and myself its going to be a mess and sometimes I’ll shock the masses and be profound (well as much as I can be anyway). 

Its late and the stock photo doesn’t suck so let’s all pretend tomorrow isn’t Monday, the rooster won’t be yelling in a few hours because he really doesn’t care what time it is and we are on a beach somewhere enjoying the sunset cause let’s face it we homestead and vacation isn’t a word we use often. 

Love and Light y’all here’s to a great week!



Tired and Overwhelmed 

I have so many things to talk about some really good, some not so good, and some down right yucky. Watching this baby do the happy food dance over her breakfast I think is he best thing Ive seen in the last week though.

My handsome farmer had gallbladder surgery a week ago yesterday and after complications is still laid up but we arent going to talk about that just yet. I have like 4 blogs planned and that wasnt on the list since it was routine in and out maybe a few days out of commission, but thats not what happened but that story has to get in line, even if it goes along with the title with half a dozen other things.

Really dont know what I want to write about at this point so brief overview of the happenings this week and later Ill break it all down. Sounds easy but its hard to not just ramble when I get going! Here we go…

Stuffings chicks hatched! We have 6 new babies! 3 yellow 2 black and 1 little silver chick! They are a week old today and she is a great mother super proud and very protective. I can file this under the catagory ” Things I have learned about Cochins”! Most everything can be a learning experience if you let it.

The ducks have gotten huge but still not feathered and still brooder bound much to their unhappiness. Every time I walk by they yell “let us out!”. I have no idea what duckie business they need to attend to but they will have to wait. 

Garnet the surprise Im having babies goat kept the surprises going by having them a week early. We arent sure if that was stress induced from us being away from the homestead so much, if she was simply too full, or if someone bumped her just right. She had 3 only 1 is alive now, super tiny and not terribly strong, but wants to live.

 Sapphire is the babies name. She got her first antibotic shot this morning for what I believe is the start of pneumonia. At birth if they breathe in some of that fluid it can lead to pneumonia, Garnet didnt want to mom and didnt clean her kidds so I feel like thats what happened. 

Next up is Daffy who I really hope has an easy birth and strong babies. She usually does really well by herself but I dont want to go to far away from the homestead just in case. Im getting excited for all the milk she makes more than enough to feed her kids and for the family to have some every day!

Thanks for following along hopefully next time Ill be more together (maybe who knows).

Love & Light yall!

The Gods must be telling me something…

I had just written a long not terribly good blog titled March​ update and then it disappeared just poof gone as I was finishing. Maybe I was rushing this month away but I promise there was a part 2 already planned to cover the last of March. Oh well plot twist… Let’s talk about ducks!

Did you know ducks are great for your garden, your homestead, and I might be baised but your heart? They eat snails and slugs, lay huge rich eggs, don’t scratch and tear things up like chickens do (we love them anyway), can be watch birds, and bring smiles to young and old alike! 

You’d never know it but Brittany has never held a duck before and is terrified in this picture but she is holding a duck but who could be scared of all that feathery goodness! 

Ducks need just a few things to make them happy. Good food, you can feed them with your chickens but they need extra niacin so some oats thrown in helps with that. Pets they love to be talked to and petted! Shelter that is low to the ground, they don’t roost but like a walk in place to get out of the weather sometimes. Don’t freak out if they stay in the rain snow or cold for short periods they love that stuff! Fresh water  always they not only need it to drink but to clean their bills when they eat. Lastly a place to swim. This could be a pond or a pool. 

Geri and Mocha love their pool year round! They are also parents now! Geri started laying really well this winter so we incubated 6 of her eggs one wasnt fertilized 2 didn’t make it but 3 hatched! On another blog I’ll talk about baby duck care!

Meet Peepers, Cher, and Ace our new duckie friends! More ducks mean a new enclosure so stay tuned for what my handsome farmer husband comes up with! 

Thanks for reading! Love & Light y’all!

The Future Is Now… well next month

For the last few weeks we’ve been getting everything in place and ready for our big spring kidding. I say big but really it was supposed to be 2 goats; so with keeping with the theme of my  poor handsome farmer husband’s new life it couldn’t have been that easy and the infomercial just got better with a 3rd goat screaming but wait there’s more and a chicken that NEEDS to be a mama right now… well next month all at about the same time.

April may bring showers of blessings on our (expanding quicker than we thought) homestead but we couldn’t be happier. Chicks born on our homestead hatched by their mother and not us is exciting it says “you might be doing something right here” least to us anyway. Then there is Garnet, who shocked us by getting bred in the 30 mins she was with our buck while we worked on the manger, in the big pasture. She is of age/size and ready to be a great goat mom but will give us our second generation of goats born here! 

But wait there’s more!! We just agreed to foster a piglet! Poor little guy lost his mom and siblings and is about to be kicked out how could we say no. So pardon our mess while we expand and enjoy the (humane) circus that will take place before your eyes. Follow along here and on our farm page on Facebook “Briar Goat Homestead”. 
Love & Light Yall!

Just a day in the life…

When I started this it was 9pm and our little farm was quiet, I intended to write about the fabulous day we had yesterday. I got as far as the name and uploading the picture before the lazy bug bit me and the handsome farmer I call my not husband, who was watching Netflix, looked like he might need some attention… OK he didn’t but we did chat some and I didn’t want to appear totally lazy. 

Anyway, fast forward to now, it’s 3 am and our little farm is no longer quiet… The littlest farmhands have awoken! ( You have to read that with the same dramatic vigor as you’d exclaim “release the kraacken!”) So now I write and drink all the coffee while I wait.

Back to our day which was both productive and Magickal. The massive pine tree in the back yard has been chosen to house one of our outdoor altars within her roots. She had all these bricks hidden under pine straw and dirt as if waiting for someone ( us) to come along and make something great out of them. The toddler pictured above is full of questions that were carefully answered tailored to his 3year old mind. Can I drink this water? No. Why can’t I drink this water? Because it is an offering? Why? Cause the Gods might be thirsty. I’m thirsty! Well let’s get you some water just for you. And that was the end of that. 😄

The rose garden was also started but I think that should be a story for another day as it is now 3:40 and these cute little farm hands will be up in 4 hours ready to eat their eggs and toast and not caring that Nana is exhausted. Homesteading with toddlers is never boring! 

Love & Light y’all!